21 August 2013


  1. How to effectively maximize the social media to promote your business/organization.
  2. Creating a website for your business or organization for free.
  3. Search Engine Optimization (OSE). How to integrate key words that will place your Business or Organization on the search engine’s first page online. (Goggle, ask, yahoo, etc)
  4. Fast growing online businesses you can start without any capital.
  5. How to buy products to sell online from countries outside Nigeria at a subsidized rate.
·         As at December 2012, there are about 56 million internet users out of the country’s total population of 167 million.

·         Nigeria is the biggest internet market in Africa.

·         Out of the 115 million mobile telephone subscribers in Nigeria, 35million use their handheld devices to access internet data services.

·         Between 200 – 2012, internet penetration grew from 0.06 percentages to 34 percentages.

·         It is said that Nigeria will remain the largest internet market on the continent.

·         The industry is still in its infancy but it is growing fast. So much is going on currently in the industry as you hear from all corners.

·         The industry is reported to have grown to N60 billion in 2012. Between January 2012 and now, it has also been reported that no less than $200 million has been invested by venture capitalists in Nigerian e-commerce businesses; all these are impressive figures which show that there is potential in the industry.

·         Nigeria has a record of 40 million people classed as middle to upper class; this number is a sizable market for e-commerce activity.

·         E-commerce in Nigeria currently  focuses on transactions that deals with essential expenditures such as housing, food and transportation but this is rapidly expanding to other sectors of the economy .

Nigeria presents an existing environment for Internet Service Providers (ISP) and online advertisers but understanding the dynamics of the internet and the way those who use it to access information go a long way to engender their success. The online environment is very dynamic and the most recent information must be obtained as soon as it is available.

Greater Light Corporation Limited

Greater Light Corporations Limited is a UK registered company trading as Bradoo Market place. Bradoo Marketplace offers you a secure, simple and really fast, buying and selling experience of all goods and services across different geographical location.

Date: 28th of September 2013.
Time: 10 am – 4 pm
Venue:  Hotel New Castle, Conference Hall, Anthony Village, Lagos

A highly motivated and confident individual with a proven track record of success in Relationship and Account Management, Product Marketing Recruitment Services, Credit Risk Management, Buy-to-let Mortgages, International Trade Finance, Retail & Commercial Banking, and Sales of Banking Products and Services in the following companies; Krystal Solutions Limited, London, United Kingdom, FBN Bank (UK) Limited, Compass Group, etc. She also has 10years of Banking experience in Nigeria working with Zenith Bank, Savannah Bank and NBM Bank before she moved over to the United Kingdom.
She is currently the MD/CEO of Greater Light Corporation Limited, a UK registered company trading as Bradoo Marketplace.

For more details : send a mail to eventslagos@gmail.com or call 08056036571

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